Back on Track and Taking it Easy

Although, I am still a bit behind schedule my training has been going very well. I am trying to be as cautious as possible. I have been supplementing cross training into my program, suffering through daily ice baths and taking occasional walking breaks in my longer runs in hopes of avoiding injury and catching up with my training plan. Sunday was my long run, a nice and easy twelve miler. It went well and capped off my first full week with a total of forty-one miles.

It is often difficult to practice restraint, but it is usually the right thing to do. Just because your feet weightlessly levitate over the ground and you have the momentum of a loaded locomotive doesn’t mean you should run longer or train harder. You are bound to have days when you feel good, but you will undoubtedly have more days when your muscles are sore and you can’t seem to win the battle with inertia. Your body need time to recover. Endurance training takes time. The miles are the most important part of your program and you have to be healthy in order to get them in. Stick to your plan,  listen to your body and don’t over due it. The most common running injuries are due to overuse.


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