Week Three

I started to feel a bit rundown this week. It was no huge surprise. It’s a little unpleasant to admit, but I knew it was coming. I jumped in rather quickly, logging forty-two miles in my second week. All the miles in week two gave me a huge boost of confidence, but confidence is often fleeting. I had made it through a full week of training, but it quickly became apparent; it was a bit more than I was ready for and the toll of my ambitious over-training began to sink in this week.

I took my usual rest day on Monday and tried to stay off my legs as much as possible. I still felt a bit sore going into Tuesday, but tried to push through and ended up getting a descent workout in. I felt great on Wednesday and completed my run exactly as I had planned. Feeling the oncoming of shinsplints and a bit worn down I decided to take a day off from running and opted for the elliptical machine on Thursday. I kept to my plan on Friday and put in an easy 5 miles. Saturday morning, I began feeling a bit tight and slightly irritated in my left hamstring. I took this as a sign that I had been training too hard and decided I would back off a bit more. I scaled back my seven mile tempo run, replacing it with a less demanding workout. I always end my week with a long run. I had a fourteen miler scheduled. I decided to play it by ear. The first three or four miles felt good, but shortly after I began feeling my shinsplints coming back. I put in five and a half miles and then supplemented cross-training for the rest of my run. I feel fairly confident that I played my cards properly. I will rest on Monday and possibly take Tuesday as an extra day off. I feel much better scaling back than getting into a situation where I can’t train at all. I am going to stretch a few extra times a day and keep up on my ice baths. No attempt at advance goes unhindered, I can accept a minor delay if it allows me to avoid a major setback.

Tuesday   – 1 mile warm up @ 8:15 pace
– 4 miles of hill intervals (4 – .25 mile hills @ 7:30 pace)
– 1 mile cool down @ 8:15 pace
– 5 min cool down on bike
– Core training, injury prevention and legs

Wednesday – 8 miles @ 7:45 pace
– I felt shinsplints but the pain was not bad.
– Ice Bath

Thursday  – Cross-trained on elliptical for 45min.
– Core training, injury prevention and legs
– Ice Bath

Friday    – 5 miles @ 8:00 pace
– Arms, chest and back
– Ice Bath

Saturday  – 5 miles alternating between 7:15 and 8:00 pace

Sunday    – 5.5 miles @ 8:00 pace
– 40 min on elliptical
– 20 min on bike
– 10 min cool down on bike
– Core training
– Ice Bath


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