Week Six

My sixth week of training concluded with a 5k. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a race and had to run it on a treadmill. Nothing takes the joy out of running like the monotony of doing it on a treadmill.  Other than the lack of enjoyment, it went really well and I was more than happy with the results. I finished right around 19:00.

Week seven will be the beginning of my speed work and I will be using this race as a guide for setting my workout goals. I will be basing my workouts off this graph found in the March 2012 issue of Runner’s World. The full-length article can be found here.

X=5k pace

Long intervals: X
Tempo runs: X + (30 to 45 seconds per mile)
Short intervals: X + (10 to 15 seconds)
Long runs: X + (45 seconds to 1:45)
Easy runs: X + (1 to 2 minutes)
10-K race: X + (15 to 20 seconds)
Half-marathon: X + (45 seconds to 1 minute)
Marathon: Double your half-marathon time. Add 10 to 20 minutes.

Emery, Lindsey. “Fast or Slow?.” Runner’s World March. 2012: 23-25. Print.


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