Today, I Ran a 5k

I joined cross country my senior year of high school. I had run a few miles in track, but hadn’t attempted anything of significant distance. My first week of practice was nothing less than brutal. After week one, I was pretty sure this wasn’t for me, but the girls on the team were attractive, so I toughed it out for a few more weeks. We had our first meet. I can still vividly remember my first pathetic attempt at the 3.2 mile distance. It was 21 minutes of unrelenting misery. My lungs were working harder than ever before, I felt the now familiar burning in my lungs for the first time, my heart thumped so violently that my ears began to ring, my arms felt like anvils and my legs like jello. I even experienced my first case of chaffing, but the beauty of running is that there is always room for improvement and for me it came quickly. Everyday and each advance brought a new goal within reach and before long, I was addicted to the chase.

I am not much of a 5k guy any longer, but it is always nice to reminisce.


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