Marathon Training Program – Running Journal

I have been pretty lazy with my blogging lately, but my base training has been going well and today marks the beginning of my 18 week Boston Marathon training program.

This past weekend, I spent a few hours paging through my old running journals. First, I looked for injuries, setbacks and areas with room for improvement. Then, I tried to figure out how the setbacks could have been avoided and what additional work could be done. I used this same practice to help tweak my program last winter and it worked out great. The major changes last year were slowing the pace of my long runs, implementing more cross training and focusing additional time on injury prevention. These small changes allowed me to remain injury free and make Boston qualifier, with just 12 weeks of training. This year, I will focus more time on weight training, increase my weekly mileage by 10%, implement a strict diet and spend more time on speed work. I am hoping these changes will allow me to reach my next goal. I’ve heard it helps to put your goals down on paper, so here is my 2013 marathon goal, sub 2:45.

Marathon Training Journal, marathon training program, marathon tips



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