Boston Marathon Training – Six Weeks Left

The big race is getting close – just six weeks from today. I’d be lying to say the nerves weren’t beginning to creep in, but they are balanced by the idea of a long-lived dream approaching fruition.

This past week was huge, not only for my training, but for my confidence.  I hit two major milestones – my first 60 mile week and my first 20 mile run. My long run went really well. I started off with a few 7:15 miles and then dialed it back to a nice comfortable pace. I made a pit stop at mile 10 for a Gatorade and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. (A little supplement to my regular Gu Gel.) I finished the run in 2:35. (That leaves me 10 minutes to squeeze in another 6 miles.)

I only have four weeks of training before it’s time to taper. It’s time to turn up the speed, dial in my focus, stay healthy and go the extra mile – literally.

marathon training, ice bath, training program, injury prevention

I am a firm believer in the benefits of ice baths.



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