Boston Marathon Training – Five Weeks Left

Better late then never, right? I know an awful lot of people who made it through college relying on that principle.  So here’s last weeks overview, late.

I started off the week feeling a little rough after my first 20-miler. The two, short flights of stairs to my office were anything but pleasant on Monday, thank God for the railing.

Monday – A nice slow 4 miles followed by a 1/2 hour bike and a really good stretching.

Tuesday – 12 miles at a 7:20 pace.

Wednesday – Intervals – 1/2 mile at 5:50 pace followed by a 1/2 mile @ 7:40. Repeat for 8 miles.

Thursday – 6 miles nice and easy. No treadmill, no GPS, just a nice slow run and a little fresh air.

Friday – I hate tempo runs, but it’s such a big confidence booster when you nail one. I had a nice, solid 8 miles at 6:30 pace.  This is a great gauge for me to compare to previous years. I am still a little behind where I’d like to be, but if I keep hitting my marks I think my is obtainable.

Saturday – 6 miles nice and easy.

Sunday – Of course, I scheduled my for the coldest day of the week. I started the run outside, but after 9 miles I decided it was time to end the torture and headed to the gym. The 1/2 hour transition from the street to the treadmill was hard on my legs. I managed to struggle through another 12 miles. I had to settle for 21.

I am not sure, but I think 65 miles is my longest week ever.


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