Boston Marathon Training – Three Weeks Left

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With just three weeks till The Boston Marathon my mileage has peaked and my confidence is on the rise.

Having this past week in the books provides a huge boost of confidence. It was miles from easy, and nearly 10 miles longer than last year’s longest training week.

A tip I’m trying: Last week, I began adding an extra .2 miles to the end of my workouts. I’m hoping that it will give me a mental edge on the homestretch.

Monday – Rest day – It wasn’t a scheduled rest day, but I had a lot of work to do. I’ve learned to be flexible.

Tuesday – I kicked off the week with a nice easy 12 mile run. I kept my pace between 7:40 and 7:00 minute miles.

Wednesday – Despite being the first day of spring, for the second week in a row, nasty weather confined my speed work to the treacherous treadmill. There are ups and downs to doing long and tempo runs on the treadmill, but I can see no upside to taking speed work off the track. That being said, it was still a successful workout. I did 24x400m  repeats, with about a one-to-one rest, and a 1 mile warm-up/cool-down.

Thursday – Just a nice and slow 8 mile recovery run.

Friday – Once again I found myself flexing my schedule. I was supposed to do a tempo run, but got stuck at the office and settled for a 6 mile run.

Saturday – Pushing this workout back a day turned out to be a blessing. I caught up on sleep and went into my workout rested, ready and optimistic. I started with a one mile warm-up, eased into a 6:15 pace for the next 10 miles, and capped it off with a 1 mile cool-down.

Sunday – As crazy as it sounds, I’d actually been looking forward to this workout. Once again, the weather was shit, and I ended up on the treadmill. There is one benefit to the dreaded machine, television. So, I spent just over 3 hours watching NCAA basketball and trying to keep my mind off the task at hand. It was a really solid 24 miler.

This weeks epiphany:

There are many factor that affect the quality of a workout. Diet, preparation and planning are all very important, but I’ve found the most important factor is attitude!


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