Boston Marathon Training – Two Weeks Left

With the big race (The Boston Marathon) just two weeks away, there is one thing that has me nervous. Boston is just over a month earlier than my two previous marathons. If your familiar with spring in North Dakota, you’ll know why this is a concern. The weather is just starting to turn, the snow has finally melted, and I may have time for one decent track workout. Last year, I had a month and a half of track work. I’ve had some great long runs and a few really good tempo workouts, but I’m not sure the speed will be there come race day.

With my mileage dropping, I’ll have plenty of time to deal with the nerves and work on building confidence. (Whenever a confidence boost is needed, I just take a look at my journals.)

This past week was relatively easy.

Monday – A much needed rest day following a high mileage week.

Tuesday8 mile recovery run.

Wednesday – Yet again, crappy weather forces me inside on a speed day. I tried to be as positive as possible, it was just 6 miles of speed. I alternated 400s and 800s with a one-to-one rest and the usual 1 and 1 warm-up / cool-down.

Thursday4 miles and 30 minutes of cross training.

Friday – This was supposed to be my big confidence building tempo run. That being said, I’m not feeling very confident. I planned a 10 mile tempo run at 6:15 pace, just under my race pace. (I’ve used this run as a gauge for my past two races and it’s proved to be pretty accurate.) I put in a one mile warm-up and eased into the pace. It started off rough, but I gave it time and toughed out the first 3 miles at 6:15 pace. After the three, It felt as if my legs had turned to Slinkys. (Yes, a spring is a marvelous thing, but not to have as legs.) So, I made a last minute change of plans and opted for 3×3.3 mile intervals and keep the same pace. I got my 10 miles of speed in, but it was a not quite the same. As always, I finished with a 1 mile cool-down for a total of 12 miles.

Saturday – My brother was in town for Easter, so I switched my long run to Saturday. The weather was decent and it was nice to have some company. (I really need to join a running club. Sometimes it’s nice to be alone in my head, but after 4 months of solo training, my thoughts are beginning to scare me.) We did a slow 12 – 14 mile run, but got a decent workout, thanks to the wind.

Sunday – If there’s a day made for resting, Easter Sunday is that day.

Final thought:tickle trunk

I am hoping for a mental shift this week. I enjoy my time spent running, but my day dreams  have been getting strange lately. (I’d elaborate but they’ve been creepy, Mr. Dressup’s Tickle Trunk creepy.)


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