Today, I went for a run in the rain (I wrote this on Friday, so technically it was not today, but Friday, August 30, 2013.)

As my lung began to burn and my T-shirt clung to my thumping chest, through the gloom, haze and rain rebounding off the sidewalk, the muted, drenched colors began to fade. The browns to charcoal, the greens to grey, the blues to black. My present world of color – flashing fluorescent lights, catch-your-eye advertising, pop-ups, TVs, computers and smart phones  – transformed to an age void of color. A simple, yet intricate time of black and white when the harmonious natural balance of good and evil, love and lust, life and death endured. When mysteries where abundant, beauty and genius where not muted by limelight and people were honest and genuine.

I realize this time did not exist, as in my mind, but this dream is quite possibly a reality – somewhere for someone. And a guy can always dream, in fact it’s necessary. For when we cease to chase our dreams, we’re not living at all.

That’s why I run – for a short part of my day, I’m freed from the constant tether of responsibility – that’s always growing stronger. I escape into my mind, where all my dreams find fruition.


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