A Slight Delay

I’ve been pretty sporadic about lacing up lately. This past spring, I traded my shoes for a saddle (bike saddle) and turned into a serious trail junky. I’ve been trying to get back on my feet ever since the riding season ended, but it’s awfully tough to start from scratch on the treadmill.Maah Daah Hey Trail

I recently moved within an hour of some of the best mountain biking there is. If you’re into hardcore, the Maah Daah Hey is about as hardcore as it gets. There’s actually a 100 mile, 24 hour race, just in case you’re crazy.

To jump start things – and because my brother, who ran a killer marathon last fall has challenged me – I’ve signed up for a couple of races.

Fargo Marathon – I’m going to do the half as a tune up. I’m thinking……..1:2o-ish.

Grandma’s Marathon – It’ll be my first since a really disappointing race in Boston. I’d like to come in around 2:50.

If you’re interested, I’ll post my training plan shorty.


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